‘Panic’ after train crashes into concrete slab near Ifield

Train delays.

Train delays.

Rail passengers have been stuck on a train for nearly two hours after it crashed concrete slab near Ifield this afternoon (Friday April 4).

The obstruction, which is believed to have been deliberate, has caused major delays on the rail network with trains cancelled between Horsham and Three Bridges.

Passenger George Boulter, 18, said: “The train started jumping around and then we stopped immediately.

“You could see the smoke coming from the side of the train.

“Everyone was panicking, it was a bit of a shock.”

Passengers in the front carriage have been moved into the second half of the train which is due to travel back towards Horsham at a reduced speed.

Southern Rail said that services to and from Horsham are being delayed by around 40 minutes.

It is advising ticket-holding passengers that they can use the 23 Metrobus service from Crawley to Horsham.




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