Robbers with bottles break teen’s teeth



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A 17-year-old was left with five broken teeth and stitches across his lip after teenagers carrying bottles and a knife attacked him.

Abu Bakar Thullah, of Ranmore Close, Broadfield, was beaten by four young men near his home late on Tuesday evening (July 29).

His father, 50, also named Abu Bakar Thullah, said the assault had traumatised his son and added: “His lip continued to swell .

“He can’t eat because he is feeling a lot of pain, he can’t chew – it’s very difficult to look at.”

Abu said he attempted to run away from the attackers after they started following him from the Hollingbourne Crescent bus stop in Tollgate Hill at around 8.30pm.

One held a dagger and three carried bottles by the neck.

Abu was tripped, hit across the mouth with a bottle, fell to the ground and was repeatedly punched and kicked.

The youths, described as white and in their late teens, robbed Abu’s backpack, watch, baseball cap and two mobile phones.

Abu said: “They said if I say anything they would break the bottle on my head. They took my hat and wore it in front of me.”

Abu is originally from Sierra Leone and is a student at Central Sussex College Crawley. He said he followed the youths until they threw out his passport and college work from his bag. They ran off into an alleyway as two men came out of nearby houses.

The men gave Abu first aid and called paramedics. He was taken to East Surrey Hospital after crews arrived at the scene at around 11.35pm.

X-rays showed five of his teeth were cracked.

He received stitches in his top lip, which were due to be removed today (Wednesday).

Police and Abu’s father appealed for witnesses following the incident.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said a witness reported the name George being used by the attackers. The group stole a G Shock watch, grey New York baseball cap and Nokia Lumina 520 and Samsung phones.

People with information on the group were asked to call 101 or email quoting 41 of 30/07, or call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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