Thousands log on to mock documentary

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A group of lads have produced a tongue-in-cheek video lauding the merits – and disadvantages – of living in Crawley.

Will Bower, of Ifield, was so fed up with some of the “pointless bickering” about the town he had read on social media sites he decided to poke gentle fun at the attitude through a mock documentary.

The video, called Crawley 2014 Mockumentary, has attracted almost 10,000 views since being posted on YouTube last week.

It is described as: “A satirical video over-exaggerating ill-informed opinions, preconceptions and stereotypes of our town.”

Will, 20, said: “Some of the pointless bickering I found quite funny and I thought of exaggerating it and putting it online in a video. The response has been overwhelmingly good – although I thought I would receive threats from Broadfield!”

Will’s fears were based on one funny point in the video where he compares the positive and negatives of the town and asks: ““And why would you go to Broadfield?” followed by a rather ‘tumbleweed in the wind’ sound effect.

Will put the video together with his brother, George, who edited it, his friend Chris Beese, 20, who helped him to write the script and James Mason who provided the voice over.

Will, who was born in Crawley, is studying business and management at Sussex University and will graduate in July.

He said: “We were quite lazy about it. I wrote it in Costa in County Oak in January and I took three trips to town over the next three weeks to film it.

“We didn’t expect anything big, we just did it for a laugh.”

To see the video, log on to YouTube.




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