Mayor and MP show support for plight of Afghan women


Crawley’s mayor and MP were in the audience when accounts of three Afghan women were read out at The Hawth.

Actors from Pitchy Breath Theatre read the accounts as part of Even If We Lose Our Lives, an event in support of Afghan women, on May 19.

The mayor and mayoress Cllrs Bob and Brenda Burgess were joined by Henry Smith MP to watch the event.

The script, using only the words of the women themselves, gave a powerful illustration of the personal costs involved in fighting for rights, such as education for girls, that we regard as basic.

Jackie Fry, who arranged the event on behalf of Horsham and Crawley Amnesty International Group, said: “Afghanistan is said to be the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman.

“This performance brought home to everyone the difficulties these women face and the raw courage they need to continue.”

Jackie said many of the audience stayed behind to take part in a photo action to show solidarity with women human rights defenders.

She added: “Nearly 50 pictures, like that shown here of Henry Smith MP, will be added to Amnesty’s UK-wide collection and sent to Afghan women’s organisations.

“This personal gesture by concerned individuals means a lot to the women.

“But even more important is the pressure Amnesty is putting on Western governments to honour their pledges to maintain support for women’s rights once the troops have gone.”