Meow! Lost cat goes one mile on van roof

Bubbles the cat went missing on October 7after falling asleep on neighbours van. JPCO.
Bubbles the cat went missing on October 7after falling asleep on neighbours van. JPCO.

This little lady certainly knows how to make an engine purr after travelling more than a mile, fast asleep on top of a van - which reached speeds of up to 50mph.

Bubbles, the cat, thought the top of her neighbour’s van looked comfortable enough for a late morning snooze.

But even in her wildest dreams she could not have imagined she would soon be zooming down the A264 from Broadfield, towards Cheals Roundabout, clinging to the top of the vehicle.

Passing cars flashed the van driver who without paw-sing for thought pulled over and was amazed to see Bubbles jump down unscathed and sprint into Gossops Green.

Now worried owner Zarka Simpson, from Broadfield, is appealing for anyone who may have seen Bubbles to get in touch and help return the 12-year-old cat.

Zarka said: “She has been missing for five weeks now and we really want her home.

“ She is such a character and she is a very homely cat.

“ She doesn’t like the cold and loves her food and she never usually would wander very far.

“We have had her for 12 years and we miss her. It is the not knowing that is so difficult.

“My neighbour had no way of knowing that she was on top of the van, it is a very big van, and he wouldn’t have been able to see her up there.

“The point where the van stopped was a mile-and-a-half away and it is amazing she travelled that far, that road reaches speeds of 50mph.

“She jumped off the van on the side where the Applegreen garage is and we haven’t had any information about her since.”

Zarka said she had put up a number of posters and even visited the area but there was still no sign of Bubbles.

She continued: “We have put posters up around the area but we still haven’t found her.

“We had a couple of people get in contact so far who have seen our posters and thought they had seen Bubbles.

“But when we have arrived to see if it is her, it isn’t, which is a shame.

“We are hoping someone has taken her in and is looking after her. But it would be the perfect ending to have her home safe.”

Bubbles is described as a black and white fluffy cat who answers to her name.

She has a very fluffy tail and white patches underneath her nose. She also has a white tip on her tail. She is wearing a collar with a magnetic ball on it which is used to open her cat flap.

Zarka added: “She has a collar on, but she does not have a chip. We have been to the vets and even the RSPCA but they have had no reports of her.

“If anyone has seen her we would appreciate it if you could give us a call. We want her home safe.”

Bubbles has been missing since October 7 at around 11:30am.

If you have seen Bubbles call Zarka on 07793158524.