MP Henry votes for car smoking ban

Crawley MP Henry Smith voted for banning smoking in cars with child passengers.

Conservative MPs had a free vote on the issue in a Commons debate on Monday (February 10).

Mr Smith said: “Children don’t have a choice and have rights too and to be in an enclosed space, often for a considerable period of time, inhaling smoke is obviously very bad for a young body.

“Most people are responsible but for those who are not, the law needed to be changed.”

Critics of the ban said it would infringe civil liberties and difficult to police.

Mr Smith added: “In the same way that mobile phone use is enforced I think police can be on the look-out for who are smoking at the wheel when they’ve got children in the car .

“It’s not always possible to catch people that are smoking but it doesn’t mean that the law shouldn’t exist.”

Ministers voted in favour of the amendment to the Children and Families Bill 376 to 106. It empowered ministers to bring in a ban in England.