Mum swaps office for kitchen to bake cakes

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A mum has swapped her computer keyboard for a rolling pin and mixing bowl to set up her own business creating beautiful cakes.

Victoria Taylor, from West Green, worked for BT for ten years.

But when they offered her an early leavers package, she jumped at the chance and used the money to pursue her dream.

Victoria said: “It just felt it was the right time and a great opportunity to do something different.

“It is something I really enjoy and it motivated me to get serious about it.”

The mum-of-three bakes all sorts of mouthwatering tasty treats including classic madagascan victoria cake, double chocolate supreme cake and white chocolate delight cake.

She also creates beautiful handcrafted bespoke cakes, one of which was hoisted into the limelight when Wilier Gran Turismo, a company which makes bicycles, featured a cake replica of one of its bikes, made by Victoria, on its website.

Victoria was asked to make the cake as a surprise for a client’s husband who was turning 40.

His family had bought him a Gran Turismo bike and to mark the occasion, Victoria crafted her own cake version of the gift.

Staff at Wilier thought the cake was so good they gave it, its own section on the company’s website.

Victoria said: “Everything I do is a little bit different and I absolutely love it.

“ I started off by just baking cakes for my friends and family and they seemed to really like them and encouraged me to expand on it.

“I took the early leavers package as an opportunity to do something I was really interested in. I have three children and it allows me to spend a bit more time with them. And I really wanted to do something different and it was the perfect time to give it a go.

“It is going really well so far and I am really enjoying it, it was one of the best things I ever did.”

Victoria says she only uses fresh and local produce in her cakes and sees her work as celebrating modern cake design.

If you would like to check out Victoria’s cakes visit her website at