Mum takes to the track at Olympic Stadium

Alison Schillinger JPCO
Alison Schillinger JPCO

A CRAWLEY mum became one of the first people to cross the Olympic Stadium finish line after being selected to run five miles around the London 2012 track.

Alison Schillinger, 49, from Furnace Green, was entered into the National Lottery Olympic Park run by her daughter Charlotte.

Alison has taken part in five marathons and is now preparing to run her sixth at the Brighton Marathon on Sunday April 15.

On Saturday (March 31), Alison joined 5,000 runners at the Olympic Park.

Alison said: “It was the first time the public had been admitted to the Olympic Park and Stadium, and the first and only time the general public would be able to run on the track.

“I do a bit of running, having started off with the 5k Race for Life in Crawley some years ago, and am just about to try and complete my sixth marathon by running in the Brighton Marathon on April 15.

“My daughter Charlotte entered me into the ballot for the Olympic Park run, and I was lucky enough to be selected.

“I completed the five mile course in 41 minutes and 50 seconds and it was amazing to run around the Olympic Park and see the Velodrome, and Aquatic Centre close up.

“The route then took you into the official athletes entrance to the Olympic Stadium and out on to the track to complete the last 300 metres.

“It was a wonderful atmosphere and the spectators were cheering us all on to the finish.

“There were lots of celebrity runners and Olympic stars as well, and the race was started by Princess Beatrice.

“Chatting amongst the runners none of us could believe that ordinary people like us were being allowed to run around the Olympic Park and into the stadium.”