New sign to Crawley High Street costs £2,250


Crawley Borough Council has spent a total of £2,520 on the design, print and installation costs of a sign guiding people to the High Street.

The sign, which needs to be approved by the council’s development control committee, will be placed on the wall of the building which crosses the Boulevard end of the Broad Walk, near Wilko’s.

It advertises the market as well as the restaurants in the area.

The sign is part of the council’s attempt to increase the number of people who use the High Street.

The lack of footfall in the area during the day has led to a call from traders at Crawley Market to move the market to Queens Square.

The request has been supported by more than 4,000 people who have signed petitions calling on the council to rethink its claim the market needs to stay in the High Street.

What do you think? Will this sign persuade you to visit the High Street?

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