Nursery team sets its sights high after Ofsted inspection

jpco-26-2-14 Bumble Bees, West Green Drive (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-26-2-14 Bumble Bees, West Green Drive (Pic by Jon Rigby)

A West Green nursery was rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted for the standard of its children’s learning and communication with parents.

Andrea Bromley, manager of Bumble Bees Nursery, in West Green Drive, said her team-of-five would aim to get the highest rating ‘Outstanding’ next time.

Mrs Bromley said: “We are very pleased because we have worked very hard to get where we are. It’s a whole team effort.

“We’re going to work even harder and take our recommendations to make it outstanding.”

She added: “We’re going to inject money into the nursery to buy props for imaginative play.”

Ofsted inspector Teresa Elkington visited the nursery on January 16.

She noted its “warm, friendly” atmosphere and praised the range and quality of toys which contributed to the children’s learning.

She recommended the nursery invest in resources to stimulate children. It also needs to improve its support for children nearing school age for a better rating.

Her report said: “Staff quickly identify when children need extra support in their development and have good systems in place to seek additional help.

“Parents are kept well informed through daily discussions and meetings to discuss and plan for children’s progress.”

Ofsted said the nursery required improvement in its previous inspection in 2010.

Its effectiveness of safeguarding children was given the lowest rating of ‘Inadequate’.

However, Ofsted was satisfied with the nursery’s safety policies in the January inspection.

The Ofsted inspector’s said: “Children are able to take risks in safe surroundings, as staff are on hand to offer support and guidance.

“Children’s understanding of their own safety is promoted with the use of regular emergency evacuation drills.

“This helps them to develop their understanding of the procedure to follow in the event of an emergency.”

The nursery setting was rated ‘Good’ from ‘Requires Improvement’

It moved to its purpose-built site in 2010.

Mrs Bromley said she was able to focus on childcare better after the new site was secured.

She said: “At the time we concentrated on keeping the nursery running rather than the security of the premises.

“We’re more secure now thanks to a grant we got for the new building.”