Ofsted tells Crawley school to take ‘immediate’ action

Locksley Christian School in Manby rejects the accusations.
Locksley Christian School in Manby rejects the accusations.

A primary school has been told it must make urgent improvements.

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School, in Hare Lane, Langley Green, was told it must make further improvements in an Ofsted monitoring inspection report published on May 8.

This was the first monitoring inspection since Ofsted decided the school required improvement in January.

The monitoring inspection report stated: “The school needs to make some urgent revisions to its current pattern of work in order to give itself the best possible chance of being a good school by the next inspection.”

It said the school must take immediate action to revise its action plan considerably.

The school was also told to rearrange the leadership of mathematics to improve teaching and learning considerably and quickly as teaching in the subject continued to require “considerable improvement”.

The report stated the school must “ensure, as a matter of real urgency, that teachers provide challenging tasks in lessons for all pupils, including higher attainers, and that, consequently teaching improves more rapidly”.

The report also noted there had been “a great deal of hard work to try to improve the school. Some of this is very profitable”.

Tobias Melia, headteacher, said the school was on track to increase the number of English grades at a nationally expected level from 50 per cent in 2013, to 75 per cent this summer.

He said the number of Maths grades at a nationally expected level had increased from 69 per cent, to 78 per cent, in the same period.

He added that the school had started working with Cornerstones Curriculum in an aim to ‘refresh the school curriculum’.

The Cornerstones Curriculum website states that it can offer a “rich cross-curricular and creative learning experiences”.

Mr Melia said: “The inspector is clear, as we are, that we are on a journey to get to ‘good’, and will regain our good grading from Ofsted within the next 18 months.

“He just wants us to go even faster than we have been doing, and avoid the temptation to focus just on tests, but remember to provide children with a broad and balanced education.”

Mr Melia said that in order to strengthen leadership the school has appointed two new Key Stage Leaders and the Governors have recruited several new members with an educational background.