Your news: Race night with Crawley Wasps Ladies Football Club

Crawley Wasps Ladies Football Club are holding a fundraising race night on Friday (February 24).


RICHARD ESLING: A look at the changing world of wine

One of the great things about wines and the wine industry is that there are constant changes and innovations which means there are always new things to discover.

Your news: Gamers to battle sleep in 24-hour charity challenge

Your news: Gamers to battle sleep in 24-hour charity challenge

Committed video gamer Kay Bourne, aka Rating Hyperion, from Broadfield is gearing up to burn the midnight gaming oil on Friday 25th February to Saturday 26th February to raise money for people with disabilities.

Kids from Maidenbower Junior School waving flags to welcome the players on to the pitch at Crawley Town v Morecambe. Picture by Steve Herbert SUS-170220-151440002

FAN’S VIEW: Crawley Town fan Steve Herbert says Morecambe was a game too many

Ok I’m going to start this week’s column with a bit of realism.

Lynette Lord's picture of Copthorne Golf Course

Your news: This month’s winner in the Copthorne Hub photo competition

Lynette Lord of Copthorne had this month’s winning entry in Copthorne Hub’s photo competition.

Crawley Town fan and columnist Geoff Thornton SUS-150216-151358002

TASTE OF THE TERRACE: Colchester promise blown away in two minutes

What on earth are we expected to make of a performance like the one against Morecambe?

Blaise is concerned that we may lose sight of good old fashioned common sense to mob rule

In the clamour for instant justice we shouldn't give way to mob rule

If I could sum up the 21st Century so far I would describe it as the era during which the world lost respect for almost everything.
The Labour View SUS-170126-103738001

Rolling out paving to Memorial Gardens

It is exciting to see the new paving in Queens Square emerge as our contractors Blakedown Landscapes continue to make good progress. The quality of their work is high despite the difficult circumstances of working in a busy area that is still in use and under the gaze of all of us – their customers! I hope that, like me, you are looking forward to seeing the delivery of the next stages of the work including the seating, lighting columns and, of course, the water feature.

The Constituency View with Henry Smith MP SUS-170126-103725001

School funding should not be a lottery

Earlier this month, West Sussex headteachers and MPs met with the School Standards Minister, Nick Gibb, to raise the issue of fair school funding.

The Conservative View with Cllr Duncan Crow SUS-170126-103712001

Thank the Tories for lower council tax

As a Conservative Councillor, I am instinctively in favour of lower taxation, so long as we have good quality as well as good value public services. I was pleased to vote every year for the five years of Council Tax freezes that we had from 2011 to 2015 that saved the average council-tax payer several hundred pounds over this period, with today’s bills being much lower than they would be had they gone up with inflation.

Opinion 1

etc columnist Louise Margaret

Why the good old-fashioned cluttered look will always prevail

Lifestyle 1
Katy Bourne

Katy Bourne: Hate crime will not be tolerated

Sussex’s police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne on the rise of hate crimes since the Brexit vote.

Opinion 6
Winter pruning in full swing at Blackdown Ridge Estate

RICHARD ESLING: Work in the vineyards goes on whatever the weather

Mention the word ‘vineyard’ and a vision appears of neatly tended rows of vines, with luscious leaves and large bunches of developing grapes, bathed in sunshine on gently rolling hills.

Mushroom risotto with oven roasted quail

TONY STAPLES: Use a little mushroom magic to beat the vegetable shortage

In the midst of a vegetable shortage, stay calm and carry on cooking with mushrooms. Executive head chef, Tony Staples, of the Arora Hotel in Crawley, has the perfect recipe for a crisis...

Whats on
Small village schools are at risk

Small village schools are at risk of closure because of unfunded costs

On the outskirts of many English towns, adjacent to greenbelt and farmland, you will find small village communities situated around a local school, church and public house (the pub) – and many of these communities have been established for centuries.

Opinion 1

etc columnist - Alexia Rowley

Now love really is in the air

The Labour View SUS-170126-103738001

One Crawley, one community

Councillor for Southgate

Crawley Town fans' view at Kenilwood Road during their 2-1 defeat by Luton Town SUS-170213-175020002

FAN’S VIEW: Crawley’s performance at Luton Town deserved a better outcome

Losing 2-1 is becoming a bit of a bad habit this season for Crawley Town.

Crawley Town 1
Crawley Town fan and columnist Geoff Thornton SUS-150216-151358002

TASTE OF THE TERRACE: Blackpool display lacked flair while Luton tactics were positive

Disenchantment followed the midweek goalless draw at Blackpool; scant reward for the hardy few who made the trek but, given Crawley Town’s recent away form, the point could be viewed positively.

Opinion 2
Blaise want to share the pain of getting on the property ladder with his children

By not planning to build we're constructing a crisis for our children

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been told that moving house is the most stressful thing we do, I would have stopped making my own sandwiches years ago.

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