COLUMN: Let’s do our bit to help Keep Britain Tidy

Volunteer litter pickers from Three Bridges Forum
Volunteer litter pickers from Three Bridges Forum

Let’s FACE it! is focussing on litter this week.

The reason is that, after the snow melted, it was amazing to see the amount of litter that had been “hiding” underneath.

The council’s street cleansing staff had been occupied working hard on snow clearance but after the thaw they worked equally hard to clear the litter from our streets.

Keep Britain Tidy holds an annual “litter count” to identify the companies whose products are littered most. From fast food containers to drink cans to sweet wrappers, they count the brands that create the most litter on our streets, in parks or beside the water.

This year, for the first time, they are asking for volunteers to help with “England’s Great Litter Count”, so they can collect comprehensive information, tracking litter in more communities than ever. The more people who pitch in, the more information Keep Britain Tidy will have to raise awareness about the problem. And then press for solutions that will help us all love where we live even more.

All you have to do is – any time during the first two weeks of February, take a walk wherever you want, along a local street or perhaps in a park.

They are not asking anyone to pick up anything, just count the kinds of litter you find and then let Keep Britain Tidy know by filling in a simple online form. If you can spend 30 minutes of your time (or know of a community group in your area that might), they would love your help. Just visit to register.

We want to keep Crawley free of litter and dumped rubbish (fly-tipping).

You can help the council make Crawley a cleaner place by reporting litter and fly-tipping, online at or call freephone number 0800 5875 888.

Anyone that drops litter in a public place is committing a crime and they can be fined.