COLUMN: What’s up Doc

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Dear Doc, I have had sinus problems for many years and have had two operations to try and improve my condition. The problem seems to be with the sinuses in my forehead where I get repeated infections despite the surgery I have already had done. Is there anything more that could be done to help?

Andy, Crawley

Chronic sinusitis is a long term inflammatory or irritative process involving cavities in the bones around your eye sockets, although the reason for the persistent nature of sinusitis has been difficult to identify. Treatment usually involves medications particularly in the form of steroid sprays or antibiotics and failing this surgery has a role. Despite this it can occasionally be difficult to cure sinusitis. Endoscopic sinus surgery is the current mainstay of surgical treatment but it is not always good at managing the frontal sinus (the “sinuses in your forehead”). A new technique, balloon sinuplasty, has recently been introduced and is particularly good at dealing with the frontal sinus. It is less invasive, quicker, performed as a day case and has fewer complications. In the eighteen months doing this operation I have had good results, even with previously unsuccessful cases. If you are having persistent problems I recommend you seek a further specialist opinion.

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