COLUMN: What’s Up Doc?

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Dear Spire Gatwick Park, I am contacting you behalf of my husband. We are having trouble conceiving, both of us are 30 years old – well actually I think it’s my husband that is having problems. It’s really getting him down and we are both desperate for a baby, what can we do?

Anonymous, Horley

Inability to achieve pregnancy is certainly a cause of concern.

However, it depends on how long you have been trying together you may start having tests to investigate the possible reasons of infertility after one year of trying.

It is very important to consider both male and female factors in infertility.

I appreciate the psychological impact on your husband if you think that he is having problems.

Male problems related to inability to have sexual intercourse are easily sorted out nowadays and you can reassure him that visiting a urologist will be very helpful in sorting out the problem.

On the other hand if your husband has not done semen analysis (Sperm test) than it will be important to ask the GP to request this test for him or Spire Gatwick Park Hospital can offer this test privately.”

If you wish, than certainly attending a consultation in the infertility clinic can guide you to the best management options.

Dr Walied Youssef believes that good communication, mutual understanding and respect are the secrets of success.

He respects all opinions and sticks to his moral and ethical beliefs.

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