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Dear doc,

My dad who lives in Kent, has recurring knee problems.

The left knee is predominantly painful, what happens next?

Can he see a knee specialist soon?

What could be the possible outcome of his knee problems? I don’t want him to go through NHS as we have already been told there’s waiting list to see a consultant.

Hope you can help.


Annie, Surrey.

Dear Annie,

I assume your father is well into adulthood.

The most likely explanation for his pain is degeneration in the knee either in the form of a cartilage tear or arthritis.

There are other possibilities but what you really need is a firm diagnosis.

If you don’t want him to be seen in the NHS then you need to contact your GP to request a consultation with an orthopaedic consultant at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital. Here, he will be seen and assessed and any relevant investigations will be organised.

A treatment plan will be formed on the basis of the findings.

Hope this helps. Please contact Spire Gatwick Park Hospital to make an appointment.

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