Passion for fighting crime

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The new inspector for Crawley’s Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) has explained her plans for reducing crime and increasing police visibility.

Rachel Carr, 35, was appointed leader of NPT last month and has been working ‘non-stop’ to assess each neighbourhood’s needs and set out plans to prevent re-occurring crimes.

She said she hoped to curb the number of garage break-ins as there has been a rise which causes her ‘concern’.

She said: “Quite often garages are not secured properly and it’s an easy way for people committing crime to get items that are easy to sell.”

She organised a team of NPT officers to go out with members of the Neighbourhood Watch Team - volunteers who feed information on local crime to police - to check the security of garages around the town on Friday night (April 11).

More than 700 letters warning about the risk of insecurities were distributed. They also checked for unlocked garages.

She said: “We found garages that were open, insecure and some that had damage to the doors- we will be liaising with the council re this info so that they can advise the owners if they know who they are.

“We found one garage that was wide open and was full of household items - we clearly need to reinforce the message about locking things up!”

Vehicle crime is also high on the NPT’s agenda. The team has handed out leaflets with tips on how to keep vehicles secure.

After working with the police for 11 years Inspector Carr said she was proud to have been promoted to lead a team which she is passionate about.

She said: “Our core function is visibility and reassurance and making sure if people have got a problem, they know who to go to.

“The team is well established. The people that work here rarely change so there is stability.

“Everyone that works in this team, myself included, is passionate about what they do which is great.”

As summer approaches Inspector Carr said the team would be watching the Three Bridges homeless community closely to ensure there was not a rise in the number of street drinking and anti social behaviour.

Officers will also be reminding people to keep their windows closed when then they go out.