Plane propelled 800ft upwards during severe turbulence on way to Gatwick

A passenger plane hit severe turbulence and was suddenly propelled 800ft upwards on its way into Gatwick, an air accident log has revealed.

Cabin crew members suffered minor injuries when the flight from Guernsey to Gatwick hit sudden turbulence on October 20 2013.

The 59 passengers escaped injury but a one cabin crew member bumped her head on the ceiling and another cut her leg when a trolley overturned in the galley.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) monthly log book stated: “A sudden, short-lived bout of severe turbulence was experienced in the vicinity of cumulonimbus cloud.”

The report stated that autopilot disengaged, an oil pressure warning light came on briefly and the aircraft climbed almost 800 ft before falling back to its original height.

The turbulence lasted for around 30 seconds.

The report stated: “There was a general level of concern but the passengers were unharmed.”

There was some small damage to items inside the plane but there were faults caused.