Police launch campaign to warn bikers not to ride when tired


Bikers are being reminded to check they are not too tired to use their machines before they go out on the roads.

Officers from police forces across the country are supporting Mike’s Last Ride, a road safety campaign launched by a Lancashire officer whose father died after being involved in a motorbike accident while tired.

Inspector Dave Mangan from Lancashire Constabulary created a short film about the crash that killed his father to try to persuade other bike enthusiasts to think about how fit they are to use their machines.

Sergeant Dan Pitcher, of Sussex Police, said: “The Mike’s Last Ride campaign really emphasises the danger that bikers put themselves in by allowing themselves to become too tired before riding.

“We always tell car and lorry drivers to stop to have a break if they feel tired on the roads. Bikers need to take that advice too as if they lose concentration it is even easier for them to put themselves in real danger.

“At the end of the day, if you are too tired to ride home, don’t. Staying over might cost you money but it might save your life.”

To watch Insp Mangan’s video visit YouTube.