Politics, tributes and true heroes in today’s Crawley Observer


There are heroes of all kinds in this week’s Crawley Observer.

From Tom and Joe Franks, who leapt into action to help save their neighbours from a fire, to the men who ran round Tilgate Lake to raise money for cancer research in the town’s first Y Front Run.

Where there are heroes, there are usually cowards – none more so than the teenagers who coaxed their dog to attack a helpless cat.

From the messages received by the Observer, this was an act which sickened most of the town.

If you saw anything or have any information, contact the police on 101.

One of the greatest honours for a reporter is to be trusted by a grieving family to write a tribute to their loved one. Stuart Shelford, who died on April 29, was a remarkable man and you can read about him as well.

Then there were the political bigwigs who visited town – William Hague and Ed Miliband – we have reports on both of their visits.

As always, the Observer offers you the best in sport and entertainment with a dash of history thrown in for good measure.