Possible site for new cemetery is found

obby 12/9 crawley borough council logo
obby 12/9 crawley borough council logo

A potential site for a new cemetery has been identified by Crawley Borough Council.

The site is on council-owned land at the Guides’ campsite at Little Trees, adjacent to the A264 Crawley South West By-Pass.

A council spokesman said the site could provide enough cemetery space for 50 years.

He added: “The proposed site needs further assessment and investigations before it can be considered as a suitable location.”

Over the coming weeks the council will be carrying out:

A traffic impact assessment to investigate current traffic movements in the area

A habitat survey to record fauna and flora at the site, which may lead to further investigations

A topographical survey on site

An arboricultural survey to record the position and condition of the trees on site

A ground investigation, which will involve setting up rigs to drill boreholes, take cores and record water levels.

The spokesman said the Guides had been offered the use of a Tilgate Forest Recreation Hut as their base and land next to a Scouts’ campsite in Faygate – also owned by Crawley Borough Council – if Little Trees is deemed suitable for a cemetery.

The council’s cemetery at Snell Hatch in West Green is fast running out of space and a new site must be identified and acquired by April 2016.

Following a change to the layout of Snell Hatch Cemetery late last year it can remain open to all sections of the community until the end of 2017, giving the council a minimum of 18 months to construct a cemetery elsewhere.

Phil Rogers, Director of Community Services, said: “This proposed site looks promising but we need to undertake initial investigations to assess its suitability as a cemetery.

“We have had initial discussions with Girlguiding Crawley about relocating their base to Tilgate Park and providing them with another campsite in Faygate.”

Karen Jessep, Division Commissioner of Girlguiding Crawley, said: “We are currently working with the council to investigate how our wide range of outdoor activities could be relocated, so we can continue to offer challenge and adventure to hundreds of local girls.

“We are listening to the council’s proposals with interest; we remain committed to increasing the range of experiences we can offer to the girls and young women of Crawley.”