Public invited to exhibitions to have a say on Gatwick proposals


A Gatwick Airport public consultation on its proposals for a second runway will start next month.

In its interim report published in December 2013, the Government’s independent Airports Commission include Gatwick on its shortlist of potential locations for the next runway in the UK.

The airport is inviting people to participate in a six-week public consultation starting on April 4.

During that time the airport will provide further information on the three options it proposed to the Airports Commission in its initial submission last July and will give people an opportunity to tell the airport what they think.

Questions within the consultation will cover a range of topics including the major environmental, economic and social considerations.

Stewart Wingate, CEO of London Gatwick, said: “The views of the local community are an essential element in shaping Gatwick’s second runway options.

“Therefore it is important we hear from as many people as possible through our consultation so that we can consider local opinions fully in our refined runway proposals.”

The reason for consulting on all three options is to provide more detail on each, the reasons for Gatwick’s provisional order of preference and to obtain views and feedback to help refine and improve the options.

Option one is a new runway 585 metres south of the existing runway, option two is a new runway 1,045 metres south of the existing runway, with one runway used for landings and the other used for departures.

Option three is similar in layout to option two but both runways would be used for arrivals and departures.

Both the airport and the Airports Commission have indicated a preference towards option three, however all are still under review.

The consultation findings will be published by Ipsos MORI in an independent report by this summer and will be considered before the final Airports Commission report is published in 2015.