Schools rated top for pupils’ achievement

Two Crawley schools have been rated among the top three in the county for raising pupils achievement levels.

Langley Green Primary School came top out of 214 other schools in West Sussex in ‘Value Added’ figures released by the Government in December, while Turners Hill Primary School came third.

The figures show the progress that pupils make while they are at a particular school between the ages of 7 and 11, when they leave.

A school’s value-added score helps to identify schools that are helping their pupils make more or less progress than average. The higher the score, the more progress pupils are making.

Headteacher Alison Wallis from Langley Green Primary School was thrilled with the result. She said: “We are pleased to say that this year Langley Green Primary School is the highest primary School in West Sussex for pupil progress.This is down to the hard work and commitment of the whole of the school community and the support of parents.

“There are 214 Primary Schools in the county and it is a fantastic achievement for our school to have fared better than all of them. The government released the figures known as ‘Value Added’ which measures how much children have improved compared to expectations when they arrive. This is an assessment from the end of Key Stage 1 until the end of Key Stage 2. The key is treating each child as an individual and assessing their needs.”

Ms Wallis said the score showed the hard work and dedication of pupils because around 86 per cent of its pupils have English as an additional language.

She added: “The children’s attitude to learning has been superb. We are a diverse school, 86 per cent of children attending this school speak English as an Additional Language and our children speak 26 different languages which makes our success even more amazing.”

The figures also revealed that Hilltop Primary School in Southgate was 18th while Seymour Primary School in Broadfield came 22nd.