Smelly end to sky dive

Pauline Robins SUS-140519-100604001
Pauline Robins SUS-140519-100604001

A grandmother who is terrified of heights has raised more than £1,000 by doing a tandem sky dive.

Pauline Robins, from Crawley Down, started her dive 10,000 feet above Kent and ended it in a pile of sheep poo a few minutes later.

Pauline Robins SUS-140519-100526001

Pauline Robins SUS-140519-100526001

The 71-year-old, who has breast cancer, did the jump in aid of the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, on Friday (May 16), one week after it was cancelled due to high winds.

Describing the jump, Pauline said: “It was not so bad, rather like looking out of an aircraft window without the glass. That was once the parachute had opened.

“I was very pleased to land even though it was in a pile of sheep poo.

“My poor tandem partner couldn’t get up for a minute as I had collapsed on top of him.

“He was very kind and caring and looked after me very well.”

One of the first people to sponsor Pauline were her grandsons – seven-year-old grandson Josh and five-year-old Jake.

The lads presented her with the grand total of £4.80 from their money boxes.

Pauline suffers from a form of breast cancer so rare that only 30 cases have been recorded anywhere in the world.

She has undergone chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.

Pauline praised the care and understanding given to her by staff at the Queen Victoria Hospital – who, while treating her, had to contend with her fear of needles while they attempted to conduct “countless blood tests”.

She also went to the hospital for physiotherapy after have her knee replaced.

And although she is delighted to have raised money for the hospital, Pauline said she had no intention of throwing herself out of any more aeroplanes.

She said: “As I have managed to raise just over £1,000 for the hospital I am very pleased but never, never again, thank you!”

“When they asked me what was the best part, I was completely stumped for words as I had not thought there was any best part. There was one lady however who thought it was better than sex – oh well, each to their own!”

It’s not too late to donate to Pauline’s good cause. Log on to her JustGiving site,