Southern Water stopped flood from burst pipe “as quickly as possible”


Southern Water has said staff worked “as quickly as possible” to stop water flooding from a burst water main in Crawley.

Emergency services were called after the pipe burst in the area of the Horsham Road/Breezehurst Drive roundabout early this morning.

Muddy water flooded into gardens and homes in Scory Close.

A spokesman for Southern Water called the incident a “major burst water main”.

She added: “Regrettably, due to the size of the water main, a significant amount of water escaped flooding some homes and gardens in the area.

“Water supply to properties was rerouted, so no homes lost tap water.

“Customer Service teams have been on site all day helping affected customers.

“The pipe is now repaired, the flood water has subsided and the area has been cleaned up.

“We apologise to all those affected and thank the local authorities and emergency services for their help.”

She added: “We were on site 30 minutes after receiving the initial call and worked as quickly as we could to stop water flowing from the pipe, while ensuring customers’ tap water supply was maintained.

“This is a complex task as the underground network of pipes is vast.”