Suicide bomb suspect’s family still ‘in limbo’

Arif Syed (Pic by Jon Rigby)
Arif Syed (Pic by Jon Rigby)

The family of a terror suspect are still “in limbo” weeks after he was alleged to have carried out a suicide attack.

Abdul Waheed Majid, 41, of Martyrs Avenue, Langley Green, is believed to have carried out a suicide bombing in Syria on February 6.

The bombing in the Syrian capital of Aleppo is thought to have been the first carried out in the country by a Briton.

Anti-terrorism police officers searched Majid’s house on February 12.

People living near Majid’s home said he left some weeks ago for the war-torn country.

Arif Syed, chairman of Broadfield Mosque, said on Friday (February 28): “They [the family] don’t know what to do, whether to grieve or not.

“They are in limbo, shocked and surprised one minute, crying another.”

Mr Syed said members of his community wanted clarification on how they could give aid to Syrians legally.

He said: “For example, they asked about giving aid in kind or cash aid to UK registered charities; going with charities to assist in distributing gifts and donations in camps in Turkey, Lebanon and neighbouring countries.

“We are planning to speak to Henry Smith MP about that.”

Ahsan Ahmedi, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, based in Langley Green, said his community had received messages of support from the public.

“There has been very positive feedback. We’ve had people agreeing with our sentiments that Crawley is a peaceful town and that the Muslim community as a whole is a peaceful community.”

He added: “If individuals have taken any radical angles it’s just been an individual or small group who have got links with a wider Muslim community.”

Mr Ahmedi said a security company offered to keep an eye on the Ahmadiyya Mosque, in Langley Drive, free of charge, to protect it from potential Islamophobic backlash . He added: “That’s the sort of response we’ve got from the Crawley community.

“We’ve made sure that our community is aware of the true religion of Islam, that which is a religion of peace.

“It’s been a good opportunity for us to reiterate that to our community.”