Telephone fraudsters target Crawley pensioners

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Two Crawley pensioners have been targeted by telephone fraudsters who were pretending to be police.

Police are investigating after the pensioners, who both live in Gossops Green, were contacted on Friday (June 27) by someone who said they were from the police in Camden and Charring Cross.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said the callers then told the householders that their bank cards had been involved in a crime and they needed to call the ‘fraud people’ who in fact were the fraudsters themselves.

He added: “Although understandably the victims were extremely upset, thankfully in both cases no money was lost and bank cards were cancelled in time.

“Crawley Police urge the public to make as many people as possible aware of this scam.

“Never give out your bank details to anyone not even the police; who will never ask for them.”

If you have been a victim of this crime please call the police on 101.