Top tips to be in the running for successful new year’s resolution

Members of a Tilgate Park runnning club have provided tips for those determined to get fit in 2013.

The weekly running club held at Tilgate Park helps members to keep track of their fitness by keeping a record of their run times and frequency.

The leaders of the pack were revealed at the end of 2012.

Bill Freestone, 45, from Pound Hill, was named as one of the two runners that have done every run since the club started in June 2012.

Bill admitted he enjoys ‘a great friendly rivalry’ with the other runners.

He said: “There will always be someone that finishes in a similar time to you, that will quickly become a new friend.”

But the rivalry never takes over from the friendly and welcoming nature of the club.

Bill added: “You don’t need to be a runner, there are all ages and abilities taking part, from mothers with buggies to the occasional visiting Olympian!

“And there’s no need to worry that you might be last, that’s the tail runner’s job. Every week one of the volunteer team goes around the course last making sure everyone is OK.”

Tony Milborrow, 54, from Bewbush, has been running for just a couple of years but is already running 30 to 40 kilometres every week.

He said: “I feel fitter now than when I was 30. I used to be in the Army, so I was fairly fit. I’m 54 going on 30.”

Tony won runner of the month in a monthly stats report after he achieved six personal bests in a row.

“To improve your times every week is quite good motivation. People always cheer you as you go round and it’s a nice feeling if you get a personal best, I’ve got 14 so far.”

Hannah Brooks, 24, from Caterham, ran the fastest time out of all the female members and gave the best performance for her age category.

Hannah has been running since she was 10 and her tip is to always run with a companion.

She said: “I keep motivated during the winter months by training with other people as much as I can,

“My tips for someone trying to take up running but finding it hard to get motivated is to give yourself a short term goal and a more long term goal and if possible find a training partner to go with. It’s much easier to get out of the door when you have arranged to meet someone!”

Between 150 and 200 members meet at the park every Saturday morning at 9am. To view a video of the runners visit

Anyone wishing to register to become a member of the group can visit