Update: Caseworker reported suspicious package at MP’s office

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Henry Smith MP has said the envelope sent to him today was not the first time he had received a suspicious package in the post.

Mr Smith, who confirmed he was not present when the envelope was found earlier today (Wednesday February 19), revealed a suspicious package was sent to his home last year.

Speaking as he attended an event in Manor Royal, he said: “My caseworker was concerned about an odd-shaped package that was delivered, so he contacted the police who came and assessed the situation and decided to evacuate.

“Things like this do occasionally happen. I had a suspicious package delivered to the house last year but I’ve never had a situation where we’ve had to have an evacuation.”

Speaking of his caseworker’s decision to contact the police, Mr Smith said: “It’s a heightened security environment we’re in at the moment with the issue of army recruitment office packages, so he was concerned enough to contact the police and they were concerned enough to call in bomb disposal.”

Mr Smith was referring a number of suspicious packages which were sent to army recruitment offices, including one in Brighton, last week.