Vicar’s daughter recalls life in 70s

jpco-4-6-14 Barbara Fox (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-140306-124317001
jpco-4-6-14 Barbara Fox (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-140306-124317001

A woman’s memoirs about being a vicar’s daughter in what was once the biggest mining village in the world has been published.

‘Is the Vicar in, Pet?’ by Barbara Fox, of Southgate, was published on May 22.

Barbara, 52, of Chanctonbury Way, who lived in her father’s vicarage in Ashington from 1969 to 1977, Northumberland, said the book represented her desire to immortalise a time and community that were special to her.

She added: “By writing it in a fairly short time-span – about five months – I really felt as if I was living and breathing 1970s Ashington.”

Barbara said the mining town was a ‘whole new world’ compared to the suburb in Newcastle from where her family moved. The former mining community’s common occupation made Ashington special, she added.

While writing the book, Barbara asked friends and family to share their stories.

She revisited her childhood books to try to tell the story from a young girl’s perspective.

She said: “I wanted to share my experience and some stories from those days as well as I could.”

The book was positively reviewed by the Daily Mail.

Barbara added: “I thoroughly enjoyed writing the book. I dedicated the book to ‘everyone who was there’ and my biggest thank you of all – apart from to my fantastic editor and agent – is to the people of Ashington, just for being who they were.”

Barbara started writing freelance after she became a mother.

She has lived in Crawley, her husband Mike’s home town, for more than 20 years.