VIDEO : Crawley man punches shark

A former Crawley man has described how he punched a shark which had bitten into his leg as he surfed off the coast of New Zealand.

Darren Mills, 28, spoke to reporters from his hospital bed following his ordeal with what was believed to be a Great White.

Darren Mills

Darren Mills

Video footage showed teeth marks in Mr Mills’ surf board after the shark attacked on Friday (February 7).

Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr Mills said: “I was paddling back sort of across the back of the surf and felt a big thump from the shore side and I looked round and I could see a shark clamped down.

“When it hit me and pushed me out and around a wee bit, I realised what was going on . I could see it and tried to punch it but it was more of a push.”

New Zealand Police reported Mr Mills was bitten at around 8.20pm as he surfed 50m from the beach off Porpoise Bay Beach.

He was flown by rescue helicopter to Southland Hospital.

Video courtesy of PA/TVNZ.