Wardens take to buses in bid to crack down on selfish parkers


Crawley Community Wardens are taking to the buses in a bid to stop inconsiderate drivers parking at bus stops.

The move comes after the Town Access Group (TAG) highlighted the problem to Crawley Borough Council, voicing concerns about people with disabilities not being able to get on and off buses.

Barry Tyndale, a Crawley TAG member, said: “When cars are parked at bus stops it means the buses can’t pull up to the curb to lower their ramps to help people with disabilities on and off.

“It’s not just people with disabilities, it’s those with buggies too.

“Getting around can be hard enough for people with mobility issues without selfish people parking illegally and making it even more difficult.”

Some of the worst affected bus stops include Downland Drive, Broadfield Barton and Ifield Drive.

In partnership with Metrobus, Crawley Council wardens will now use buses to get around the town, enabling them to issue Penalty Charge Notices to cars parked in bus stops and also be on hand to deal with all community issues their journeys might bring.

Ashley Jinks, Infrastructure Officer for Metrobus, said: “Over the last few years we have invested a great deal of money to provide low floor buses that are accessible to all our passengers, especially those with mobility issues and parents with pushchairs.

“It is very frustrating for our drivers when they are unable to get into a bus stop due to illegally parked vehicles, which can often mean having to stop in the middle of the road to allow passengers to get on or off the bus.

“We welcome Crawley Borough Council’s work to address this issue and look forward to working with their Community Wardens.”

A spokesman for Crawley Borough Council said: “Community Wardens are an approachable and friendly point of contact for residents, always happy and willing to take reports of fly tipping, antisocial behaviour, stray dogs, abandoned vehicles and dog fouling to name a few.

“Feel free to approach them in the street, on the buses or call them on 07884 492324.”

Pictured is Community Warden Samantha Lucas.