Young film maker hopes for big break to make movies full time

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A young film maker whose work has been shown in the Cannes International Film Festival has released a trailer for his new drama.

Callum Johnston, 22, of Northgate, said he was pitching The Forbidden Note to international film festivals ahead of its global release in 2015.

Callum hopes success in his fourth motion picture will give him the break he needs to make movies full time.

He said: “I’m hoping I can get this film finished get the ball rolling and focus on doing film full time.”

The Forbidden Note is a tale of a black pianist who falls in love with a Pakistani Muslim ballerina.

Callum said: “There’s a lot of themes in the film that people can relate to - it’s quite multi-cultural.

“It’s about two people who fall in love from very different backgrounds.

“It’s their choices that create the deepness and darkness of the film.”

Callum’s drama is aimed at the UK, India and Middle Eastern countries’ markets.

The Forbidden Note caught the attention of Lionsgate, one of the biggest film distribution companies, early in its production.

Calum said a lot more “money and time” went into the production than in his previous films.

He said: “The first three films were like going to university - they were low budget and they taught me a lot.

“This time round, there’s been a lot more time and money and professionalism in the technicality with the entire shoot.”

Callum holds a number of jobs and gets up at 5.30am every day to finance himself.

The Hawth theatre and Crawley Town Hall will appear in the movie. Four of the cast came from the town.

Callum said: “I wanted to keep the Crawley theme in there when I made the film.”

He thanked townspeople and the council for supporting the project. For the trailer visit