Candidate confusion

I received on separate days by postman a booklet re. polls and a poll card. On reading through these found no information of names and history of the applicants. I visitedthe town hall and spoke to a man (didn’t catch a name) and asked about this and he said the government didn’t want to put names out at present. He said I could go online or ring an 0800 number to order details. I said not on a mobile. I assume they would post details!!

He also said you could get details when you came to vote.

Could get crowded if we were all in the poll station reading the leaflets.

I find it very difficult the way this is being handled.

Money is being wasted and I can’t see that many people will bother to vote. At least you could see the applicants in a normal election.

Our police force is doing a reasonable job these days, apart from a few.

RJ Thackham,

Perryfield Road, Crawley

Editor’s note: The Crawley Observer has carried extensive articles about this election and the candidates who are standing.