Letter: poor timing for Haywards Heath traffic controls

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Your letters

The decision to impose a one-way system and associated traffic controls in central Haywards Heath for 4 months June-September 2014 shows yet again the impeccable timing, organisation and forethought for which councils and utilities are renown.

Reportedly in August, 2-months after the commencement of South East Water’s dislocation of Haywards Heath, the much heralded ring road might have opened reducing the need to cope with a large volume of through traffic and thereby easing what traffic needs to be in the town centre for the inevitable diversions and upheaval.

If the offending water main has burst several times within the last 5 years then surely a deferment of repairs/replacement for 2 months to reduce the volume of traffic disruption and inconvenience to everyone would be sensible and justified.

However, as we are all well aware, the convenience of the utilities, contractors and local government and their inability to view the larger picture is paramount over intelligent planning and consideration for the general public!

David G.Macmillan