Letter; Short term gain, long term loss

It really was an act of crass stupidity to deprive Steve Evans of two of his greatest assets when the board of Crawley Town Football Club sold Matt Tubbs and Tyrone Barnett.  Why not wait until promotion had been gained?  it is apparent now that what we have left (or so far  gained as replacements)  has not the necessary fire power to score goals or indeed goals in sufficient number to gain an automatic promotion place as after each match the task looks more forlorn.

Regretably, the desire to finance a new stand has overcome the need to get promotion and next season there is a serious risk of a further year in the second division when a month ago promotion looked a formality. 

It will be interesting to observe the cost of seats in the new stand and even more interesting to see the level of attendance. Surely next season’s revenue will fall as a result of two board decisions  gambling on promotion being attained.  But after all one of the directors is quoted as saying “you must remember we are running a business”,  a classic case of short term gain and long term loss!

John Aldred, Horley