Letter: Snow poem

Winter brings the snow and people think it’s good

When everything is covered from the ground to the woods

Obviously it comes with cold and that doesn’t interest me

Even though I was born a wintery baby

Frozen fingers, icy paths and not having enough layers

Everything comes to a stop as we’re not snow players

People panic buying in the hope that they have plenty

Before the supermarkets are running close to empty

Building snowmen with the kids or pulling on their sleighs

Thankfully it doesn’t last before it’s gone away

The only time that snow is good and this I do believe

Is the seldom occasion that it snows on Christmas eve

That is different, it’s a Christmas scene

It happens so rarely that it really is a dream

I wouldn’t mind winter if it was just cold and rain

It just wouldn’t bother me if it never snowed again

I may sound like a Scrooge but that just isn’t so

I just think the minus outweigh the plus with snow

Wes Hillier, Crawley