Mad to consider second runway

‘Welcome to the South East car park of England’, I can hear the air stewardesses announcing as they land at Gatwick or Heathrow.

Which mad person wants to bring so much traffic to one corner of the M25?

Oh it’s the owners of Gatwick airport who have commercial gain in mind, solely!

With the Conservatives having to rethink the bus lane on the M4 due to European Union rules on air pollution, what hope is there for us that live near the M25 and M23?

Take the traffic from the north of London to Luton or Stansted don’t bring them round to the South! The south is congested enough with the mass housing developments to accommodate who? Oh immigration and boost the economy. Well the economy will not go anywhere if we can’t get to work for the roads being at total stand still (more so than they already are!)

Are you complete mad to even consider additional runways at Gatwick and Heathrow. It might look good to those that have pound signs in front of their eyes, but not to those that have to live or work amongst the noise and air pollution from the planes and cars!

Sally Pavey, Warnham