Medals sweep for girl at Springfit

Jazmine Hogan

Jazmine Hogan

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Jazmine Hogan, 9 years old from Crawley is a member of Springfit Gymnastics & Trampoline club and definitely has something to smile about.

In the last month alone, she has won four medals for competing in various competitions. First was a bronze medal in Springfit’s trampoline competition along with a gold in the same competition for a synchronized routine that she performed with her partner Scarlett Shepherd. The very same weekend she took part in a competition in Guildford hosted by Flair Gymnastics and came away with a bronze. Her latest medal was a silver in Springfit’s floor and vault gymnastics competition. Four medals in less than a month.

Jazmine said: “I wouldn’t have won these medals if it wasn’t for Springfit and all the wonderful coaches there, especially Sharley and Adam. I have only been doing trampolining for two years and am already on badge A2.”