Crawley New Music Festival cancelled

The Hawth theatre
The Hawth theatre

A music festival planned for Sunday (August 24) has been cancelled.

Organisers said the Crawley New Music Festival, set to be held at the Hawth theatre, had to be cancelled because several bands pulled out at short notice.

Steve Crane, from Parkwood Theatres, which runs the venue, said: “It was all really last minute which didn’t allow us enough time to find other bands at such short notice.”

However, he said organisers were hoping the event would be back ‘bigger and better’ next year.

“Rather than do it and it not be what people expected we decided to postpone it for now,” he said.

“We didn’t want to build up people’s expectations and then it be a slight disappointment, especially as we are hoping to build it as another festival in the Hawth’s year.

“This way we have time to plan for next year. Hopefully we can make it a regular event for the Hawth and the town.”