Brighton couple chart their travels in new book

If your wanderlust has been thwarted by the current lockdown with its severely limited horizons, a Brighton couple have got just the book for you.

Sunday, 14th February 2021, 12:00 pm
Ian and Barbara Gretton
Ian and Barbara Gretton

Brighton travellers and writers Ian and Barbara Gretton have been visiting Greece for more than two decades, often travelling beyond the tourist trails and using public transport to get around.

More recently, their travels have taken them from the noise and bustle of the country’s capital Athens to quiet villages with just a few dozen inhabitants, from tiny islands in the Cyclades to picturesque fishing villages in the remotest parts of the mainland.

They tell their tales in All Roams Lead to Rhodes, the story of these journeys, the routes they travelled, the people they met, the food they ate and the sights they experienced.

They are promising to imbibe the reader with the sheer joy of independent travel, proving that age is no barrier to adventure.

Ian Gretton is a retired journalist living in Brighton. He loves to travel.

Apart from the annual visit to Greece, Ian and Barbara have travelled extensively in the USA (35 states and counting) and Canada, and throughout the rest of Europe.

In recent years they have also seen much of South-East Asia and toured in Australia and New Zealand in 2019.

Ian said: “In recent years, whenever we have travelled anywhere I have kept a journal (I now have a shelf full at home) and I have sent emails to family and friends every few days describing what we have done and where we’ve been.

“One of my sisters once told me how much she enjoyed receiving my emails and that I should write a book. Very sadly, she died before I could finish it and will never get to read it. The book is dedicated to her.”

ISBN: 9781913551377; £9.99.