Concert on bandstand

A showcase concert on the bandstand on the promenade at Bognor Regis will underline the talents at the heart of easy-listening five-piece Jam Tomorrow which comprises two guitars and three voices.

Sunday, 14th August 2011, 11:21 am

Founder Harry Vinsome said: “We have done Christmas parties, birthday parties, various events and theme evenings, but what we are trying to do is to create a situation where we are aligning our music with whatever the venue wants so that we can appeal to as many people as possible.

“We are trying to put together various types of songs, but put them into one genre which is Jam Tomorrow’s way of doing things. We can have tame rock and roll with three-part harmony, but we do a lot of ballads, and it is the vocal three-part harmony that we are trying to perfect. And I think I can say we are doing a reasonable job!

“We get together once a week for rehearsals and if there is a gig coming up, we rehearse a bit more. This year there have not been as many as we had hoped. I think the economic recession situation with restaurants and pubs and organisations means they are reducing a bit. There are lots of bands out there and we are all competing for a reducing number of gigs.

“But our orientation is not to make a fortune. It is to enjoy our music in the hope that people will support us, both with our paid gigs and our charity gigs.

“We do covers and adapt them to our own way of doing them, from Patsy Cline to Gnarls Barkley, everything from the early 1950s to something from last year.”

In the autumn, Jam Tomorrow - which is based in Felpham and takes its title from a line in Alice In Wonderland - will be going into the studio to record a ten-track album: “It is going to be an album about what we are, rather than about what we have been,” Harry said.

In the meantime, they are hoping to get bookings on the back of their Bognor bandstand date on August 14, 2-4pm. More details on