Emma is encouraging "wellness" in Chichester

The difference between health and wellness?

Friday, 11th May 2018, 10:48 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:18 am
Emma Schwarz
Emma Schwarz

“Wellness is a way of life,” says Emma Schwarz who has set up Wellness Wednesdays in Chichester, an offshoot of her popular Rare Brand Market. “Wellness is all about living healthily,”

And after two successful sessions so far, Emma is certainly noticing a difference in herself: “I think generally we are quite bad at giving ourselves time, and this is certainly making me think. I have always been interested in health stuff all the time, but it just goes in.”

Which is where Wellness Wednesdays come in.

Emma Schwarz

“I genuinely believe that women and men that have managed to carve out two or three hours to come together in a beautiful venue are going to find that hopefully all they learn is going to go in in a different way, in a more permanent way... We know our customers care about wellbeing and leading a healthier life. We learnt this at our summer event last year. We are passionate about finding Rare Brands and businesses who are doing something unique, so we have applied this to the wellness sector. Self-care and wellness have never been more important for living in today’s world.

“We hold our Wellness Wednesdays in the Oxmarket Gallery, which is a lovely place to be. You have got the double height of the building which used to be a church, and you have got beautiful stained glass windows. It is just a very calming place. It feels like an oasis. There is usually an exhibition on, and we can get a channel of chairs down the middle. It is just lovely being surrounded by the art, and we like to encourage people to have perhaps half an hour of art time first.”

Emma is now half way through the first series of four. Coming up on May 23 is Reaching your full Potential and Creative Living.

“The evening will focus on how to obtain the tools to lead a happier, more fulfilled and positive life. Award-winning performance coach Sara Milne Rowe, who has recently written the book The Shed Method, will talk us through unique methods she uses to help people reach their fullest potential and make better choices in life. Sara believes if we achieve a sensible balance of four things: Sleep, Hydration, Exercise and Diet – your SHED – then we will lead a better life.

“Life coach Kate Taylor will also be talking. Kate encourages a creative approach to living and wants us all to banish limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves.”

It will be followed on June 27 by Taking Control of your Menopause, Ageing & Skin.

“Diane Danzebrink is a professional counsellor and trauma therapist with medical training in the menopause. Diane hopes to dispel the myths and enlighten everyone with her supportive approach to wellbeing during the menopause.

“Justine Hextall will also join us to talk about skin and ageing. Justine is a consultant dermatologist and knows everything there is to know about the decline of skin as we age.”

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