Images from the wilderness

Wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham will captivate audiences at Worthing Pavilion Theatre with his latest collection of images from the wilderness.

Monday, 30th January 2012, 8:10 am

Chris is first and foremost an impassioned naturalist who is also a creative photographer. His photographic work captures unique and unusual moments from the natural world, which are rarely seen in daily life.

In the 1980s Chris began his photography career with very little photographic experience, a camera and a telephoto lens which he bought with the proceeds from a guitar which he sold when leaving a punk band. He then began creating images of wildlife which were artistic as well as informative, unlike the images he knew from textbooks which were solely illustrative.

Alongside taking still photographs Chris trained as a wildlife film cameraman and his work behind the camera gave way to presenting. Chris presented the award-winning Really Wild Show in 1986 and has been working ever since on shows including Go Wild, X-Creatures, Postcards from the Wild and most recently Nature’s Calendar.

Chris continues to strive for perfect images with the intention of reflecting something new about each of his subjects. While he often comments about being unsatisfied with his own images, Chris’s pictures have won international competitions, illustrated his books and talks and seen him recognized as one of the world’s most inventive wildlife photographers.

In recent years he has judged many competitions including Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, the RSPCA’s Young Wildlife Photographer Competition and the BBC’s Countryfile photographic competition.

Chris has explored many habitats from Antarctic Islands, rainforests and deserts to the Everest range and the deep oceans, which have allowed him to capture some of the most beautiful landscapes and creatures on Earth, many of which will feature in the images presented at his Worthing show in the Pavilion Theatre on Wednesday, February 1 at

7.30pm. Tickets on 01903 206206 or