THE pressures of modern life are dissected in the latest production from Arundel’s Drip Action theatre company.

Wednesday, 20th October 2010, 9:58 am

Happy Now? by Lucinda Coxon is a modern comedy showing how a harassed mother copes with her job, her family and friends - especially after a disconcerting meeting with an unexpected admirer.

Happy Now? was first staged at The National Theatre in London in 2008. Drip Action bring it to the stage at The Victoria Club, Tarrant Street, Arundel from October 19–23.

Director Nick Rowling said the play was perfect for Drip Action: “The Drip Action company always have contemporary, up-to-date, somewhat issue-bound plays. They have got to be about now and they have got to be well written.

“Happy Now? is really about the way that people live now, especially women. It focuses on a lady who is perhaps in her late 30s, trying to juggle children at school, a career and a husband who has not totally got time for anything outside his own career.

“She is struggling. She has got a lot on her plate. Her dad is in hospital with a life-threatening disease. She has got a mother that is not really doing that well. She has got all these issues as trying to run a quite high-powered job.

“These days everybody has got so many priorities. Everyone has got so many important things that they are trying to fit in. With this, you are getting a woman’s point of view. It is as clever as it is beautifully written. The dialogue strikes you as being totally clever, but totally real at the same time.”

Nick has been in the area for eight years and got involved with Bill Brennan’s Drip Action group early on: “This is the most important project I have ever done with the company.”

Nick generally splits his time 50-50 between acting and directing: “With a project like this, directing is most certainly the best. I can really appreciate that it is such a clever, well-written and important play, but it’s nice to get a good part as well at times. I have had a couple of really good parts with Bill’s group.”

The play has adult content and strong language. Performances October 19–23, 8pm. Tickets £9. (Club members £8, students £5) 01903 882268.