Comedians kick start new season

Barnstormers comedy club kicks of the Autumn season at the Balcombe club on Saturday, September 7, with a top class line up, compered by Kevin Precious.

Thursday, 5th September 2013, 11:07 am
What's on.
What's on.

The acts are Eddy Brimson, Otiz Cannalloni and Anthony King,

A spokesperson for the club said: “Eddy was initially a sports writer with seven books and the 1998 documentary Tear Gas and Tantrums about the English Fans attending the World cup in France , which became a best seller

“Full of geezerish appeal, Eddy works the crowd like a charm, by blatantly seeking their approval to plumb ever more inappropriate depths he unites them in complicity – not only at winning there approval for any material before he’s done it, but building up a conspiracy that his act is some sore of illicit pleasure.

“It’s a bonding that heightens any response, but it’s not filthy by live comedy standards and there’s a lot of similarly laddish comics who are cruder. He’s suggestive, rather than overly graphic, but he manipulates the mixture of laughs and pseudo shock masterfully.

“Anyone else think political correctness has gone to far? He asks at the start of his set, to a rousing cheer. Not necessarily the words you want from a shaven headed football lout, albeit one who’s a long reformed character.

“But this is not a prompt for some virulent attack on minorities, more a complaint that you can’t smack kids anymore.

“Cue a rant about parenthood ruins your life and a raft of wilfully inappropriate things you might say to the tiny ones he purports to despise.

“The elderly and the blind are equally bearing of the brunt of stories of how he’d like to behave badly- though it’s not mean, just cheekily defiant

“Next up is Otiz Cannolloni, the modern day Tommy Cooper.

“He arrive with relentless gags and questionable magic tricks. Cannolloni is zippy, absurd and a unadulterated riot of fun.

“His performance is so refreshing, allowing for banter and a connection with the crowd, which never fails to impress. His brand of humour is inoffensive and brings a real freshness and fun-loving nature to the scene , he is the master of mirth.

“Finally Anthoney King , King offers something of a pot pourri of comedy styles – a good dollop of observational stuff, a generous helping of banter, a dash of spontaneity plus a handful of deadpan one-liners to add spice. It means he’s not easily labelled as a stand up of any particular style.

“You might instantly peg him as slightly dour and serious in demeanour, but instead he offers something for everyone.” The event starts at 8pm.

Tickets are available at at £12.50, or on the door Balcombe club , Stockcroft Road Balcombe , 01444 811226.