Former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock plays Horsham date

Former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock brings his band The Tough Cookies to the Balcombe Club for an up close and personal gig on Friday, August 9 at at 8.30pm

Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 8:05 am
Glen Matlock and the Tough Cookies
Glen Matlock and the Tough Cookies

Glen, one of the originals of the Sex Pistols and also a founder member of the Rich Kids with Midge Ure, is joined by Earl Slick (lead guitar) who played with David Bowie and John Lennon and by drummer Chris Musto who played with Joe Strummer and Johnny Thunders.

“Glen and I go back many years,” says Chris.

“I first met Glen when he was one of the Pistols.

“I can’t remember exactly how I met him, but I was going to shows and I saw the Pistols at the 100 Club, and I got to know Glen a bit more when he was in the Rich Kids. We got together for a few projects in about 1980.

“And in 96 we got together, me and Glen, to record an album, Glen’s second solo album.

“That came out at the same time that the Pistols reformed. We only did limited promotion because Glen was off being a Sex Pistol again.

“We became The Tough Cookies last year. Glen’s last album was Good To Go last year, and it got great reviews, really good reviews. It’s English rock ‘n’ roll really.

“Glen’s influences are The Faces and that mode. It was definitely not a punk album. He is a good English songwriter.

“Punk was obviously pretty huge for Glen.

“It was the mainstay of his existence.

“It was his foundation. Glen single-handedly wrote Pretty Vacant.

“When he plays it, you can see how important it was.

“He really acknowledges where he comes from, but really he is about English rock ‘n’ roll. Ronnie Lane was one of his great song-writing heroes.

“You listen to all the stuff that Ronnie Lane wrote for The Faces and it looks simple, but it isn’t.

“And you think of the stuff that he did with Slim Chance as well. He just had great lyrics about him, very human, and that’s what Glen likes. Glen had always wanted to fill Ronnie Lane’s boots.

“I think the music of Ronnie Lane is just something that is in his DNA.”

As for Chris, he started drums when he was 12: “And I have just turned 64.

“I am really amazed that I am still in a proper rock ‘n’ roll band. I played with Joe Strummer. I did bits with him. I knew Joe for ages.

“He was one of the greatest, most wonderful people you could ever meet. He was a human.

“He really connected with people.

“He would always say to you ‘How’s your Mrs?’ He was just great. He was really down to earth.

“He really was one of the greatest. I know a lot more about him now after he has passed away than I did when he was alive.

“He was a great guy.”

Glen’s Balcombe Club gig will be supported by young local band The Slow Time Mondays.

Tickets £18 in advance £22 on the night. The Balcombe Club, Stockcroft Road, Balcombe, RH17 6HP.

You can also phone for tickets on 01444 811226.