West Chiltington Dramatic Society returns to the stage

West Chiltington Dramatic Society are performing the comedy thriller Theft By Eric Chappell from November 25-27 at 7.30pm in West Chiltington Village Hall.

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 8:05 am
West Chiltington Dramatic Society
West Chiltington Dramatic Society

Spokeswoman Janet Methley said: “It is our first production since the start of the pandemic.

“ We have a great director, Ralph Wigg who directed our very successful production of House Guest in 2018.

“Rehearsals are well on with a talented cast,” Janet added.

As for the play: “After an evening out, two couple return to the home of one of them only to find the place ransacked.

“The perpetrator is still in the house and when he is discovered he uses his real gift of the gab to manipulate them to the extent that they no longer know which day it is.”

Director Ralph said: “Comedy thrillers are designed to make you laugh as well as thrill. This rarely happens in practice, the laughs or smiles are usually intermittent.

“Theft, however, is one of those plays that breaks the rules – it’s a chuckle from start to finish.”