Thinking about seeing a great tribute to Pink Floyd?

It’s a great time to be a Pink Floyd tribute band with a new album from the original band looming after many long years away.

Thursday, 9th October 2014, 4:33 pm
Think Floyd
Think Floyd

The Endless River, to be released in November, will be a double album consisting of 18 new tracks featuring original members David Gilmour, Nick Mason and the late Richard Wright, who died in 2008.

Think Floyd are certainly noticing the buzz.

As band member Lewis Hall says: “Ever since the album was semi-leaked, there has been interest over the summer. If you look on the forums, there are lots of people commenting on the release. I can’t wait to hear it, just to see if there is anything that we can use. It’s a professional interest, but also personal – though we are always looking for new things to include in the show, which is difficult when there is nothing new coming out from the band.

“I think the new album will be a mixture of outtakes and other things from the last album 20 years ago. There were quite a lot of long soundscapes that the keyboard player Richard Wright came up with. There was quite a lot on the Division Bell album, but I think now they are also releasing some extras.

“But really, I think the interest in Pink Floyd has always been there, certainly in the years since their Live-Eight appearance, nearly ten years ago. Since then Syd Barratt has passed away and Richard Wright has passed away, and there have been programmes on BBC4 and Radio 2, so there is still a lot of awareness of Pink Floyd.

“Really there was just nothing else like them. There were lots of big groups, the super groups in the ’70s, but nothing like Pink Floyd. I am a huge fan of Led Zeppelin. They were great performers and fantastic technically, but Pink Floyd came in with new recording techniques and created something that had never been heard before. Something like The Dark Side of the Moon I think has been just as influential as The Beatles. There is so much Pink Floyd in some of the stuff you hear now.

“The Dark Side of the Moon was when everything changed for the band. I am not personally a huge fan of anything after The Dark Side of the Moon. For me, up until The Dark Side of the Moon they were four musicians that wanted to make music. Everything after that was done from the point of view of having to get something done. From 67-73, they were four hungry musicians that wanted to make music and wanted to be artists. After that they were thinking about the record companies and about fame.

“I certainly wouldn’t say that they sold out. But I think money corrupts everyone. I wouldn’t say that money corrupted them, but the music they created after that was certainly influenced by the record companies and by fame and fortune.”

Lewis joined the Think Floyd 13 years ago, but in all it has been going for 21 years, developing first as a covers band in south-east London.

Think Floyd don’t doff their caps chronologically: “But we try to cover all the periods right the way through to The Wall and the Division Bell and hopefully we will be able to include something from the new album, but we do also pride ourselves on including some of the lesser-known stuff as well. There will always be something there for the more serious fans as well as for the people that have a much more casual acquaintance with Pink Floyd.”

The band play The Capitol, Horsham on Thursday, October 16, and Brighton Theatre Royal, on Saturday, October 18.

Call The Capitol box office on 01403 750220 or the Theatre Royal on 0844 871 7627.