Video: Nigel Havers and ‘Blue Monday’

Nigel Havers gets a few things of his chest on the ‘most depressing day of the year’… Grumpy Old Men-style.

Tuesday, 28th January 2014, 12:52 pm
Nigel Havers
Nigel Havers

The housewives’ favourite tells us why spending time with friends and family won’t help and why jetting off on holiday is a much better idea

Yesterday (January 27) was, according to many, Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year, when the bills come in, the reality of the festive season being over kicks in and months of cold, grey and miserable weather stretch ahead of us.

But if you think you’ve got a bad case of the January blues, just wait till you see what the normally unflappable Nigel Havers has to say about this notoriously gloomy time of year.

Nigel Havers

He doesn’t have a good word to say about anything or anyone.

The wife, the in-laws, the cold, the rain, the tax man – they’re all in the firing line as Nigel sits back in the psychiatrist’s chair and lets rip. .

Short of booking a holiday to Barbados, it just might be the best way to turn your January frown upside down.